Sunbeds at Cotgrave and Westbridgford

We have two spacious tanning rooms each with Vertical Tanning Units at our Cotgrave and West Bridgford Salons.

Please note that: 70 minute courses may not be shared | 120 minute course to be shared by a maximum of 2 people


Sunbeds 2 X 255 watt 48 tube vertical booth

70 Minute Course


120 Minute Shared Course


3 Minutes Non Course £2.50
Tanning Lotion Sachet £2.50
Tanning Lotion Bottle £13.00

tanning tubes

There's no need to make an appointment to use one of our stand up sunbeds. Just pop in at a time to suit you.

  blu Tanning clients stand up in one of our hygienic and energizing Tansun Symphony tanning booths, surrounded by the latest high strength 250 watt twist colour UV tanning tubes. 

By tubing our beds with brand new pink and blue twist tubes, we’ve optimised your tanning experience. Not only do twist tubes generate up to 25% more UV light in the tanning chamber, by combining pink and blue outputs we’re giving your skin the perfect conditioning for summer results.

First – blue UV light which offers instant colour on the surface of the skin meaning you can feel results from the second you leave the bed.

Second – pink UV which is scientifically proven to penetrate deep under the skin’s surface, stimulating melanin production and drawing the skins naturally occurring colour pigment to the top. This generates results long after you’ve finished tanning – particularly when combined with using a lotion and regular, gradual, longer exposure to UV light.

Try the new pink and blue combination – exclusively now at blu salons.


Tanning times usually vary depending on client’s skin type and level of existing tan. All clients receive expert advice and a consultation prior to using our equipment, to ensure safe and successful tanning.

The tanning booths have their own private changing rooms with complimentary toiletries and refreshments. The Tanning areas are Air conditioned for comfort.

Our New Tanning Salon at West Bridgford also has the added option of a Leg Tanner Unit perfect for those Hard to Tan areas.

Leg Tanner Sunbed

Our fantastic new leg tanner sunbed allows legs to be tanned quickly and effectively.

• Powerful, even tanning
• LED collagen red light therapy
• Cool breeze from built-in fan

blu Salons are fully licensed by the Local Authority are EU & UK regulation compliant

this means the lamps UV rays will penetrate deeper into the dermis thus facilitating a tan that will last longer and decreasing the risk of burning and peeling. SENSIBLE, SAFE TANNING!!!

blu promote sensible and intelligent tanning.

Intelligent tanning is…

blu Tanning has always endorsed healthy, responsible and intelligent tanning. Integral to this is using a lotion before using a sunbed. Moisturising is the key to building and maintaining a healthy tan.

The skin will reflect up to 60% of UV light without the use of a tanning lotion. It is the alternative to having too many sessions, it promotes great results with less UV exposure. It is vital to follow up with moisturiser after tanning to maintain your tan and ensure ongoing tanning results….moisturised skin tans better!

eu approved

leg tanner

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